Respond quickly to Quick Response Codes

Have you spotted these strange-looking codes about? If so, do you know what they are, and how they are used?

Well they are called QR codes which stands for quick response and they really are very clever, and can be used very effectively.

They are usually scanned using a smartphone and then depending on what information is contained within the code, a number of functions can be performed.

They can be used to send the user to a website like the QR code above, play a movie trailer, dial a number, update contact information, or even send a text  and the list doesn’t end there.

Is this starting to sound interested now, well it should because it opens up a host of possibilities, probably the most obvious is business cards, quite simply the code can enter all of your contact information, into the phone of whoever scans your business cards.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg and they can be used in many other very clever ways, for example if you print a catalogue, you could put a code against each of your products, this could then scan to a web page that includes many more details, prices, maybe even a video and stock levels.  And because all of this information is online, it means you can update it instantly ensuring the information is always current and correct. How about a code that goes to promotion or special offer, you could easily change this every week if you wanted to, but still the same code is used.  That’s just a couple of examples when you stop to think about how these codes can be used, it really does present some very interesting options.

And now is the perfect time to start using QR codes, not only because it shows that you are up to date with current technology and trends, but also because they still have the novelty factor and people enjoy scanning them to see what they reveal.

Our clothing catalogue

Here at Abalone Graphics we have produced numerous promotional products featuring QR codes, including promotional post it notes containing a QR codes to a customers website, promotional mugs featuring  a QR code to contact information, and even T Shirts with QR codes to enter a competition.

We are able to generate the QR codes for you at no charge, and in some instances even change the colours to match your company’s branding.  Contact us at Abalone Graphics  and get a QR to all your QR promotional products requirements.




About Abalone Graphics Ltd

Abalone Graphics are a manufacturer and supplier of promotional products and work wear clothing, based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. With a huge range of promotional merchandise Abalone Graphics provide a one stop solution for all promotional items including printed and embroidered clothing.
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