The rise and rise of the Silicone wrist band

Although they had been around for some time it was not until 2004 that the silicone wristband or awareness bracelets as they are otherwise known became really popular.

The catalyst for their popularity came when they were introduced as a fundraising item by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise support for cancer research. These wristbands were yellow and featured the simple message “livestrong”. The Livestrong wristbands proved a staggering success, raising over 15 million pounds in the first six months of being launched.

The Livestrong Wristband

Seeing the success of these wristbands, many charities were soon to start offering silicone wristbands in their own colours and with their own messages. Today there are lots of different wristbands available, promoting numerous causes, with two of the more well-known ones being the white Make Poverty History silicone band, and the red, navy and sky blue Help for Heroes wristband.

Awareness wristbands and bracelets still remain a popular fund-raising item, and can often be seen worn by celebrities.

Part of the reason silicone wristbands are such a great fund-raising item is because they are cheap to buy (particularly in volume) and can be customised in a lots of ways.

At Abalone Graphics we supply silicone wristbands in a vast array of colours and styles including multi-coloured bands, all of which can be printed, embossed or de-bossed with any logo or any text.


About Abalone Graphics Ltd

Abalone Graphics are a manufacturer and supplier of promotional products and work wear clothing, based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. With a huge range of promotional merchandise Abalone Graphics provide a one stop solution for all promotional items including printed and embroidered clothing.
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