Fantastic plastic and idealic acrylic promotional mugs

I’m sure its no surprise that despite the vast range of promotional items we supply, promotional mugs still rank as one of our most popular items.

What you may not know though is that we also supply plastic acrylic mugs available in a range of shapes, that can also be branded with your company logo or message. These eco-friendly mugs are manufactured in the UK, come in a great range of colours and feature the usual large branding area that’s associated with traditional earthenware or china promotional mugs.

Made from durable hard-wearing plastic makes them especially suitable for schools, play groups  or nursery’s and any other environments where there is a high risk of breakages.   Our plastic mugs are dishwasher safe, virtually unbreakable under normal use and look so good that you could easily be forgiven for mistaking them for a ceramic mug.

So whether you’re looking for plastic promotional mugs or a standard promotional mugs don’t hesitate to contact us  at Abalone Graphics, Staffordshire’s leading supplier of promotional items.

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Here’s a mint promotional product!

Looking for a promotional product that’s a little bit different and quirky? Our Mint Cards could be just the thing.

Mint cards consist of a business card sized plastic case, that can be printed in full colour and each one contains 50 tasty sugar-free mints. They can be used as business cards to ensure your business card stands out from others, or as a novel way to get across your promotional message or brand.

Mint cards are perfect for Trade Shows, plenty of cards are exchanged at a trade show but if your card contains tasty mints then it’s certainly going to stand out from all others  and be remembered.

Mint cards are also great for hotels or restaurants,  giving mint cards to diners or guests is an ideal way of passing on your business details, and something that will be appreciated, and considered a nice touch.   It’s the little details like this that get remembered and help you really stand out from your competitors.

We also offer mint cards in other shapes including a van shaped card suitable for a courier or transport company, and also a house shaped card for estate agents, or any business associated with property.

To find out more about our mint cards or other promotional merchandise, visit us at or send us an email we would love to hear from you.

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Don’t get left out in the cold

Given that we have currently just experienced the 3rd hottest day of the year it may seem strange to talk about fleeces and hoodies, but unfortunately summer is officially over and the colder weather is only just around the corner.

Whilst ideal for cooler weather hooded tops actually remain popular all year round, its hardly surprising though as they are great for all and ideal for sports teams, dance groups, outdoor businesses, scouts, school and university leavers.

Varsity Jh003 Hoodie available in 28 colour combinations

We have a fantastic range of hoodies including the ever popular AWDis range which currently features 13 different styles and a staggering 54 different colours.  From this range we really like the JH003 two-tone varsity hoodie which is available in 28 colour combinations and features hidden earphone loops and a small opening in the front pouch for the earphone wire of an mp3 player, iPod or iPhone.

In addition to the AWDis range we offer hooded tops in all the usual work wear brands  including Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, and SG, and naturally we can print or embroider all our hoodies to meet your specific requirements.

For those interested in fleece’s we have a great selection including Regatta and Result which are available in ladies, mens and children’s sizes. We particularly recommend the Result R36x fleece which offers fantastic features at a fantastic price.  We also supply micro fleeces and fleece gillets as well as fleece lined jackets and lots of other outer wear, again all of these can be decorated with you logo, badge and desired text.

For all your hooded tops, fleeces and clothing requirements contact us  at Abalone Graphics, Staffordshire’s leading supplier of promotional products and work wear clothing.

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From Bags to Pitches

Rather than supplying promotional products for a trade show,  its been a nice change to get out of the office and to actually attend one today.

Whilst walking around the trade show something struck me as being interesting, this was  although nearly all exhibitors were handing out their own branded bags, almost every visitors was carrying just one bag, from one exhibitor.  This bag displaying a company logo and business message could be seen everywhere you looked in and around the trade show.

So how did they manage to convince nearly everyone to use their bags?  well quite simply their bag was the biggest, meaning visitors were naturally using it to carry all of their  trade show merchandise (including competitors branded bags) around the show.

So if you are looking to really get your message across or make an impact with your company’s bags at a trade show, a larger bag could be well worth considering.   Also by offering your larger bags to help out any visitors you see struggling with lots of bags and catalogues, could be a nice subtle way of introducing yourself and your business to potential clients.

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You’d be off your trolley not to consider these!

We always say the best and most effective promotional items are the useful ones, and that’s why mugs, pens, mouse mats and key rings continue to be amongst our most popular promotional products.  However it would be wrong of us talk about useful promotional products without mentioning  promotional trolley coins or trolley tokens as they are otherwise known.Promotional trolley coinsWe’ve all been there having just used up your last pound coin to pay for parking, you walk into the supermarket only to find you need another pound coin for the trolley.  That is unless you have one of these great functional key rings,  where you can simply slip out the token and use this instead of a £1 coin.

If that key ring or trolley coin happened to feature your company logo or message then its easy to see what  great promotional item trolley token key rings can be.

Trolley coin keyrings are available from Abalone Graphics in different styles and prices to suit all budgets, and we can also print them in full colour.  For further information call us free on 0800 6120 332 or email us

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6 of the best from Abalone Graphics

Full colour promotional productsThis month we have decided to pull together 6 of our most popular promotional products and offer them with a minimum quantity of just 15 pieces.

And if you thought that was good it gets better, all these items can be printed in full colour and set up and origination cost are included in the price.

How many other promotional products suppliers will let you order 15 full colour mugs,  15 full colour key rings, 15 full colour mouse mats or just 15 full colour cotton bags?

At Abalone Graphics we have always focused on providing promotional merchandise for businesses both large and small, and by offering these popular promotional items from just 15 pieces it really does make promotional products a feasible prospect for even the smallest of businesses.

So whether you’re looking to impress your visitors with your company’s logo on a mug, or looking for re-usable printed bags for a trade show call or email  Abalone Graphics, Staffordshire’s promotional product specialist.

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Badger us for free football badge designs

As the football season is about to start we have been busy supplying football kits for amateur football teams with embroidered and printed club badges, printed sponsors and team numbers.

We have noticed that request for kits in the same colours as Barcelona, seem very popular this year,  so plenty of teams will certainly look the part even if they don’t quite play like Barcelona.

We were particularly pleased when a newly established local football team asked if we could supply and print their football kits for them, the only slight problem being although they wanted a badge on the football shirts, they didn’t actually have a team badge.  Well we love trying to go the extra mile at Abalone Graphics and we agreed that we would come up with some badge designs for them free of charge. This we duly did and after they selected their preferred design we got to work decorating the football kits for them, and they were delighted with the result.   So if your football teams needs a club badge we will gladly produce some badge designs for you free of charge when you purchase a team strip from us, these badges then can be embroidered or printed onto the shirts.

football kit

Free badge design

It’s not just printed football team strips we can provide for your club we can also produce your teams trophy’s and awards, together with lots of other club merchandise.

Good luck to all for the new season!






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